Discharge | Kleinschmidt

Using User-Defined Curves for Gates

HEC-RAS allows for four different gate types that will compute the stage-discharge relationship of that gate for you based on the physical size/shape of the gate and a few empirical coefficients:  Sluice Gates, Radial Gates, Overflow Gates (closed top) and Overflow Gates (open air).  However, sometimes the built-in gate types don’t quite fit the gate […]

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Tuesday Tip of the Week–Axis Zooming for True Peak Discharge

Another simple, yet very convenient tool not found discussed in the manuals is the ability to zoom in on one of the axes of a graphical plot.  This is especially useful when trying to determine if you’ve captured the true peak discharge in a steeply rising hydrograph.  Take the following example: an unsteady flow dam […]

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Q & A: Flow Attenuation

Question: When running an unsteady flow model with a single inflow hydrograph, why does my discharge decrease in the downstream direction for a given output profile? Answer: This is called flow attenuation.  You see this to varying degrees in all unsteady flow models and it is a real phenomenon.  The shallower the reach, or the […]

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