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Sediment Transport Quasi Unsteady Flow Editor Flow Series Error

“Flow or Temp time series date is not sufficient to run requested time window.”  This one has been around for a while, but it just showed up again on the Facebook HEC-RAS User’s Group, so I thought I’d show the fix(es) here.  This applies to the new beta version of 5.0, as well as previous […]

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Quickly Edit Reach Lines in the Geometry Editor

Editing the positioning of your geometry in HEC-RAS can sometimes be a pain, especially with large systems. This tip will show you how to quickly (and easily!) remove sections of a reach. If you import reach stream lines through ArcGIS, or a similar program, your schematic may look similar to the figure below. In this […]

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Release Notes for Version 4.1

Just heard that HEC-RAS Version 4.1 is due out in about 1 week. I thought I’d take this opportunity to post the Version 4.1 Release Notes to give you all a sneak peak of what’s to come. Check the HEC website in the next week or so for the official software release. Hydrologic Engineering CenterRiver […]

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