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The Measuring Tool

I don’t think you’ll find this anywhere in the manuals, but HEC-RAS has a very convenient tool for measuring lengths and slopes in the Geometry window and just about any graphical plot.  It only works in the geometry window if your RAS model is georeferenced, as it measures distances based on coordinates.  However, in the […]

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Stabilizing a Dynamic Unsteady HEC-RAS Model

One of the most frustrating aspects of unsteady HEC-RAS modeling can be the model stabilization process. You know, you’ve gone to great lengths collecting the best survey/topo data and solid hydrology. Then you’ve painstakingly spent hours…possibly days entered all of that data only to find that once you press the “Compute” button, the model crashes. […]

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Downstream Boundaries

I just received this question about downstream boundaries in HEC-RAS, and thought it would make a nice post here on “…regarding the boundary condition, if I use critical depth instead of normal depth will it be unacceptable?  When choosing the normal depth I need to enter a slope, can i use just one slope […]

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