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Preview of the new Finite-Volume Approach for 1D Reaches

One of the most anticipated new features soon to come in the next major version of HEC-RAS (Version 5.1) is the option of running unsteady 1D reaches with a finite volume solution scheme.  This will be a fantastic addition to HEC-RAS.  Gary Brunner recently gave me a brief overview of the new finite volume feature […]

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1D? 2D? or 1D/2D? How Should I Build my Model?

Now that the official release of HEC-RAS 5.0 is out with 2D capabilities, I’m getting a lot of questions about whether 1D or 2D (or 1D/2D combined) is the best way to set up a specific model.  The answer is very simple.  Like everything else…It depends!  Fortunately, there are some guidelines.   1.  The general […]

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