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2D Mesh “Leaking” Part 2 – 2D Area Breaklines

Continuing on with the discussion on leaking in 2D meshes, I want to highlight a new feature that will be included in the full release of Version 5.0 (hopefully due out early this summer).  The new feature, 2D Area Breaklines, will make aligning cell faces on to high ground features a snap!  Essentially, you draw […]

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2D Mesh “Leaking”

To follow up my post on fragmented inundation, I want to highlight another 2D mesh issue we should all be aware of.  Unlike fragmented inundation, which is an artifact of how HEC-RAS discretizes the 2D domain and the way it maps the results, Leaking is a result of terrain features not aligning with cell faces […]

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2D Troubleshooting – Fragmented Inundation

(Initial post 19 Feb., 2015.  Updated 20 Feb., 2015).  I continue to be more and more impressed with how user-friendly and robust the new 2D feature is in HEC-RAS.  However, there are some issues to be aware of, particularly in how results are mapped.  I want to take the next two blog posts to highlight […]

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