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Post-Processing: Creating Inundation Maps with very Large Terrain

We often have to deal with very large models covering hundreds of river miles.  The terrain data associated with these models can be equally massive, which can cause memory/processor issues when trying to delineate inundation maps. This post is not concerned with pre-processing our model geometry. Instead, we have a completed model with results we […]

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The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service for Chehalis Washington

A great example of where flood inundation maps and accessible flood warning systems can help a community prepare for floods.       Contact:               Brent Bower                                                                      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  206-526-6095 x228                                                           December 15, 2015                                 Flood Inundation Maps to Enhance Flood Forecasts for the Chehalis River People living along the Chehalis River have […]

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Web Imagery for RAS Mapper in Version 5.0

There are a lot of new features in Version 5.0.  We’ve discussed quite a bit the new two-dimensional capabilities.  But a real pleasant surprise for me was how great the new RAS Mapper is.  I’m going to try to highlight some of these new Mapper features over the next few months, but in this post […]

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