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Shifting web imagery with world files for HEC-RAS

Using RAS Mapper as a GIS tool Part 2: Shifting Web Imagery with World Files Have you ever tried pulling web imagery into RAS Mapper only to find that it doesn’t line up with your existing shape files, terrain surfaces, or other geospatial data?  In this second of a three-part series on using RAS Mapper […]

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Having fun with HEC-RAS?

I’ve been seeing some cool applications of HEC-RAS from around the world lately. Here are some articles showing a few ways we’ve been putting HEC-RAS to use down under. Making Middle Zealand Did you know that the only thing keeping New Zealand’s two main islands from being split into three is a little 2-km wide […]

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HEC-RAS Dam Breach course in New Zealand!

Limited-time early-bird discounts available Registrations are now available for our dam breach course in Auckland, New Zealand to be held from 29 November to 1 December 2016.  I will be teaching this course with help from Mr. Krey Price of Surface Water Solutions.  Please come and join us! Register here: We have fewer than […]

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