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HEC-RAS – Then and Now

The first version of HEC-RAS I ever used was Version 2.2 back in 1999.  There are very few of us who actually used the first version of HEC-RAS which came out in 1995, but for those who do remember that, here’s an image showing the very first HEC-RAS Version 1.0: Version 1 was very simple, […]

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Extending your Cross Sections to High Ground?

What are the implications of having a cross section that is too short and doesn’t extend all the way out to the highest computed water surface elevation?  Does it affect the results?  Take this cross section for example. It is missing much of the left overbank (presumably). Image courtesy of Adam Bohnoff First of all, […]

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Steady versus Unsteady Flow

Written by Chris Goodell, P.E., D. WRE | WEST ConsultantsCopyright © 2010. All rights reserved.I was recently emailed this question regarding steady flow versus unsteady flow results: “My question is fairly basic. I have heard from a couple of other engineers that when flood levels are generated with usteady flows that it is typical […]

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