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New Geospatial editing tools coming in HEC-RAS Version 5.1

New geospatial editing tools are currently in development for the next version of HEC-RAS-Version 5.1.  While no date has been set for the release of Version 5.1, it is expected sometime within the next year or two.  But no guarantees!  This will be an exciting new addition to HEC-RAS in that users will no longer […]

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Transect for Extracting Flow in a 2D Area

*Update:  Version 5.0.2 now does flow transects in RAS Mapper with profile lines.  No longer necessary to use a 2D Area Connection to do this. A very common output request in 2D modeling is for flow over (through) a transect line.  HEC-RAS 5.0 does not have a specific tool for extracting flow data along a […]

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How to draw cross sections.

Cross sections must be perpendicular to the flow lines at all locations.  And they cannot intersect with each other.  That is why it is common to see cross sections snap at different angles outside the main channel (we call this doglegging).  The trick is to keep them from intersecting, while also staying perpendicular to flow […]

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