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Terrain modification and direct rainfall: video walk-through

Terrain Modification Two previous blog posts have addressed terrain modification in HEC-RAS (the December 2014 article entitled Including Channel Bathymetry into your Terrain and the June 2015 article entitled Lifting Terrain in HEC-RAS 5.0). These have been some of the most popular posts to date, each having generated almost 10,000 views over the years! Interchangeably referred to […]

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Post-Processing: Creating Inundation Maps with very Large Terrain

We often have to deal with very large models covering hundreds of river miles.  The terrain data associated with these models can be equally massive, which can cause memory/processor issues when trying to delineate inundation maps. This post is not concerned with pre-processing our model geometry. Instead, we have a completed model with results we […]

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