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Closing the wormhole with the new features in HEC-RAS 5.0.4!

The Great Hobbiton Flood For those who have used wormhole culverts or mega-cell culverts in previous versions of HEC-RAS, you’ll be relieved to hear that they have officially been retired with the May 2 release of the new Version 5.0.4. It sounds like the new features are already getting lots of use, and online and […]

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Optimizing Your Computer for Fast HEC-RAS Modeling

Now that 2D modeling is becoming widespread in the HEC-RAS community, a lot of HEC-RAS users are wanting to know what kind of computer to build to maximize computation speed when running those large 2D datasets.  I had an opportunity to interview Gary Brunner about this and he had some valuable insight I’d like to […]

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