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Closing the wormhole with the new features in HEC-RAS 5.0.4!

The Great Hobbiton Flood For those who have used wormhole culverts or mega-cell culverts in previous versions of HEC-RAS, you’ll be relieved to hear that they have officially been retired with the May 2 release of the new Version 5.0.4. It sounds like the new features are already getting lots of use, and online and […]

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Wormhole Island – “What’s the Best Shape for a Wormhole Culvert?”

A recent question was posted on the HEC-RAS blog regarding the optimal shape of the SA/2D Area Connection alignment for a wormhole culvert – in particular, whether a “Z” shape or “S” shape would be preferable. My apologies in advance for the drawn-out response, but I’ve had this question come up a number of times in class and […]

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Wormhole Culverts

This is one of the coolest workaround ideas for HEC-RAS that I’ve seen in a long time.  One of my joys in teaching HEC-RAS to professionals and students around the world is seeing the clever ways that people use and apply HEC-RAS.  Whether in a training class, giving technical support, or just simply over discussions […]

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