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HEC-RAS Primer for New Users

Are you a new HEC-RAS user?  Or maybe you’ve used HEC-RAS before, but it’s been a while.  Maybe you have no idea where to start.  Steady or Unsteady?  1D or 2D?  Subcritical or Supercritical? OK, for all you Newbies out there, I’m going to walk you through some steps to take to get you up […]

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Resources for 2D Modeling

Now that we’ve had 2D modeling in HEC-RAS for almost 2 years, I’m curious to know what your favorite 2D Hydraulic Modeling resources are. Of course, for HEC-RAS modeling, the HEC-RAS 2D Manual is excellent, but what about for a more general discussion of 2D Hydraulic Modeling?  Books?  Journal articles? I like the Australian Rainfall […]

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New HEC-RAS 2D Modeling User’s Manual

In advance of the final release of Version 5.0 (hoping for this summer), HEC has released its 2D Modeling User’s Manual, written by Gary Brunner, the HEC-RAS Team Leader.  This manual contains updates to all of the information that was put out in the previous guidance document, “Combined 1D and 2D Modeling using HEC-RAS” as […]

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