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Dam Breach Class Boston, MA May 1-3, 2013

Hi everyone. For those of you who are HEC-RAS dam breach enthusiasts, I will be teaching a 3-day course on dam breach modeling with HEC-RAS in Boston in a few weeks. The course will be held next to the historic MIT campus overlooking the Charles River and downtown Boston, May 1-3. In this course you’ll […]

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Breaching of Condit Dam

Last Friday, Condit Dam, on the White Salmon River was intentionally breached by blowing a hole in the spillway as part of a plan to remove the dam and restore the river to its natural state.  Although the actual breaching of the dam was not all that spectacular (i.e. the dam itself wasn’t destroyed-only a […]

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Dynamic versus Level Pool Reservoir Drawdown for Dam Breach Modeling

Written by Chris Goodell, P.E., D. WRE | WEST ConsultantsCopyright © RASModel.com. 2010. All rights reserved.This is a summary from a paper (Goodell,Christopher;Wahlin, Brian. “Dynamic and Level Pool Reservoir Drawdown: A Practical Comparison for Dam Breach Modeling.” 33rd IAHR Congress Proceedings, Vancouver Canada, 2009) on level pool versus dynamic reservoir drawdown for dam breach modeling. […]

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