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Terrain modification and direct rainfall: video walk-through

Terrain Modification Two previous blog posts have addressed terrain modification in HEC-RAS (the December 2014 article entitled Including Channel Bathymetry into your Terrain and the June 2015 article entitled Lifting Terrain in HEC-RAS 5.0). These have been some of the most popular posts to date, each having generated almost 10,000 views over the years! Interchangeably referred to […]

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Flood Warning Systems Save Lives during Colorado Floods

This is a great example of how modern technology makes a very clear and distinctive improvement to our efforts to save lives during major storm events.  Thanks to Dr. Dave Curtis for this great article.  http://documents.clubexpress.com/documents.ashx?key=M2YgtVNK9KFBHoZdhEJKLDIaU9h0rUuAaj%2bKlc5pOFRlJYYJB%2fGfVQ%3d%3d

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