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River Ice Modeling using HEC-RAS. New Forum!

  Image courtesy JLH3Photography via Creative Commons. license Hello to everyone in the international River Ice Community! The RAS Solution has a new forum dedicated to river ice modeling with HEC-RAS.  This forum was developed for those who use HEC-RAS to simulate river ice covers and river ice jams. Please post your questions, comments, and […]

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HEC-RAS Version 5.0 Comments, Suggestions, and Bug Reports

Hi HEC-RAS users.  HEC is extremely busy dealing with bugs and questions at the moment.  They’re currently working mostly to fulfill their obligations for technical support to the Corps of Engineers only.  If you are trying out the new version 5.0 beta, and you discover a bug, or if you simply have a comment or […]

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New Forum Up!

First, let me apologize for the downtime with the previous HEC-RAS Bloggery Forum.  There were some issues with the forum hosting service.  Unfortunately, I lost all of the previous posts and comments.  The upside is that now I have much more control over content/storage.  Please have a look at the new forum and post comments/questions/replies.  […]

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