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Stabilizing a Dynamic Unsteady HEC-RAS Model

One of the most frustrating aspects of unsteady HEC-RAS modeling can be the model stabilization process. You know, you’ve gone to great lengths collecting the best survey/topo data and solid hydrology. Then you’ve painstakingly spent hours…possibly days entered all of that data only to find that once you press the “Compute” button, the model crashes. […]

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Initial Conditions Trick

I’ve mentioned many times on this blog and in class about the importance of having your initial conditions flow match your first time step flow, when running an unsteady flow model.  As with any “rule” in RAS modeling, there are exceptions to this, but generally speaking, if your first timestep flow is “X”, then your […]

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How to Create a Hotstart File in HEC-RAS for Dam Breach Analysis

While running unsteady flow simulations in HEC-RAS instabilities may occur when transitioning from the automatically created initial condition file to the first computed time step. These instabilities can be caused by mixed flow conditions, flow splits, or poorly defined initial conditions. A hotstart is another option available for defining initial conditions for the project model. […]

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