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The Projection File

RAS Mapper is a window in HEC-RAS that allows you to preprocess 2D areas, map results, and manage background images.  In future versions of HEC-RAS, RAS Mapper will become more and more prevalent in our HEC-RAS modeling experience.  As I understand it, eventually RAS Mapper and the geometry editor window may merge to form the […]

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HEC-RAS Model with 2D Mesh Only.

There have been many questions lately about whether HEC-RAS 5.0 can perform a simulation with ONLY a 2D mesh (i.e. no cross sections).  The answer is yes.  In fact, in many ways it’s a lot easier.  In this example, the standard Muncie project offered by the Hydrologic Engineering Center has been converted first to SI […]

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Including Channel Bathymetry into your Terrain.

Let’s say you have a digital terrain model of the area you want to model with 2D HEC-RAS.  ONLY 2D RAS.  In other words, you want to lay out a grid, but do not want to have do to any 1D computations-all 2D.  The problem is the area you want to model includes one or […]

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