Government and NGO’s

Federal, State and local governments all share a common focus – creating and maintaining a complex portfolio of assets and infrastructure to support and sustain local citizens while enhancing their quality of life in a safe environment. Non-governmental agencies face similar challenges. They are often constrained by aging assets and a declining tax base, with increasing environmental impacts that threaten our natural resources. The need to be able to “do more with less”.

Kleinschmidt has been serving public agencies and non-profit organizations since our founding over fifty years ago. We began our consulting practice servicing the hydropower industry, providing practical solutions to complex problems and work on the following projects:

Hydropower and Energy Generation

Fish Passage

Water Utility Supply

Stream and Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

Flood and Stormwater Management


Our goal is to assist you in stretching resources further and providing you the information you need to
make the right decisions for your project, while mitigating risks.