Licensing and Permitting

Minimizing Roadblocks and Providing Solutions

Many of our clients experience frustration due to the complicated, bureaucratic nature of government regulations. Trying to sort through regulatory agency jurisdictions and their requirements, regardless of the project size or complexity, is often characterized as a daunting task. We have been helping companies like yours navigate the regulatory process for more than 4 decades and this is an area where experience matters! Our experience has helped companies save millions of dollars.

Federal/State/Provincial Permitting and Approvals

Our staff is well versed in the site plan and submittal requirements for all agencies, allowing us to provide “one stop shopping” for most projects. Inherent in our permitting approach is our role as mediator and negotiator to assure projects meet the client’s purpose and need, while satisfying regulatory requirements. We advocate a proactive, cooperative approach to most permitting projects, involving jurisdictional agencies at the onset of the design and implementation stages.

Our excellent rapport with local, regional, and federal regulators allows for frank and decisive discussions and resolutions for our projects. This approach minimizes regulatory roadblocks by allowing for early input from regulators, proactive problem solving, and expedient issuance of permits.

Federal/State/Provincial Permitting and Approvals Services Include:
  • National Environmental Policy Act
  • Natural Resource Protection Act
  • Site Law
  • Stormwater Management
  • Shoreland Zoning
  • Land Use Regulatory Commission
  • Army Corp of Engineers
  • 401 Water Quality
  • Stream Alteration
  • Environmental Permitting & Compliance

FERC Licensing

We have experience of managing more than 100 projects through the complete Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing process. We know what is required by FERC and how to keep the licensing process moving – we served for 10 years as part of FERC’s environmental contractor team. Our team identifies any potential resource issues and develops realistic studies based upon a nexus to the project as necessary to acquire data or to develop appropriate protection, mitigation and enhancement measures.

By integrating planning, biological science, socioeconomic, and licensing skills, we provide a full suite of capabilities necessary for developing a workable relicensing strategy. This experience has proven successful in developing documents that meet FERC’s requirements and expectations, resulting in lower costs for our clients.

FERC Licensing Services Include:
  • Strategic Planning
  • FERC Licensing and Relicensing
  • License Exemptions
  • Preliminary Permits
  • License Amendments
  • Consultation & Negotiation
  • Study & Process Management
  • Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Schedule Management
  • Permitting and Compliance


We have extensive experience in preparing environmental assessments and environmental impact statements under the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act or NEPA for various lead and cooperating federal agencies (i.e., U.S. Forest Service, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, U.S. Department of Energy, National Telecommunication and Information Agency, Federal Highway Administration, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers), private clients, and project types.

Our scientists, engineers, and regulatory staff work with applicants, permittees, agencies, and project partners to assess a wide range of potential approaches, costs, and environmental effects to arrive at a preferred alternative or the least environmentally damaging practicable alternative.

NEPA Services Include:
  • 3rd Party Contracting
  • Issue Identification and Scoping
  • Alternative Analysis
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Study Planning and Implementation
  • Stakeholder Facilitation
  • Cumulative Effects Analysis
  • Agency Consultation
  • Mitigation and Enhancement Measures
  • Record of Decision Preparation
  • NEPA Training

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

We have managed more than 100 relicensing projects for hydropower owners throughout North America during the past 30 years and have the knowledge and expertise to assist licensees in meeting complex Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) compliance requirements. We provide different options for compliance management based on the level of assistance needed, the project specific complexities, the size of the project portfolio, and the kind of compliance requirements mandated by FERC and other agencies.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting Services Include:
  • License Implementation & Compliance Plans
  • Design & Conduct Compliance Related Studies
  • Provide Engineering Designs for Compliance Measures
  • Catalog FERC Articles from Orders & Water Quality Certification Conditions
  • Catalog Historic Compliance Filings
  • Conducting Compliance Audits
  • Developing & Maintaining Compliance Databases
  • Developing Turnkey Solutions
  • Evaluation of Compliance Tracking Software