Power Utilities

The needs of our clients in the power sector are changing rapidly, with factors such as the rise of distributed generation and the growing demand for sustainability impacting how they make decisions and plan for the future.  Hydropower owners recognize the value of their existing hydro assets both from a cost of production and carbon-free generation perspective. With Kleinschmidt as your partner, you can be assured that your project will be staffed with a team that is knowledgeable and has expertise in your particular needs and their priority is bringing your project in on time, within budget.

We help our hydro owning clients to prepare their hydroelectric facilities to last for the next  50-100 years by assessing dam and structural safety, potential mechanical upgrades, and working to help secure new operational licenses from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  We also understand that safety is paramount. We have a dedicated safety program and our culture of SAFETY FIRST trains our employees to think of safety with every task and be compliant with all project safety requirements.

Our team has been providing practical solutions for Power Utilities for nearly five decades.  Our roots began with hydropower facilities and we have grown to work with nearly every type of power generation or transmission assets including Solar Power, Offshore and Onshore Wind Power, Tidal and Wave Power, Thermal Station cooling water issues (Clean Water Act Section 316 a and b), as well as Electricity and Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution permitting. Our work areas include:

Hydropower and Energy Generation

Fish Passage

Water Utility Supply

Stream and Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

Flood and Stormwater Management


Assisting our clients by designing buildable projects, or letting the science prove the needs for compliance driven requirements is our goal.