Client Listening Experience

LOYAL RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, teaming partners, and employees is one of our Core Values and has been part of our foundation since Steve Kleinschmidt founded us in 1966.  Our success over the years has come from taking the time to listen intently and identify your underlying needs so we continue to provide value throughout the life cycle of your project

We’ve formalized our Client Listening Program (CLP) which will allow you to manage us at various project milestones depending on the scope and schedule of the project.  You will benefit by being able to highlight the characteristics (i.e. responsiveness, schedule, accuracy, etc.) of a successful project that matter most to you and your company. By constantly evaluating your suggestions and making any necessary adjustments throughout the project life cycle, we should be able to consistently improve your experience and deliver the outstanding project you expect from a trusted partner.

What Our Client’s Say

“Just how to do this audit was an unknown. Very little guidance from FERC. But KA came through once again and provided a great product at a reasonable price. Good job!”

Entergy Services, Inc.
Arkansas Carpenter & Remmell ODSP Audit

“The Kleinschmidt field team required very minimal guidance, followed our project SOP to a tee, and provided consistent data.”

Power Engineers
Gary Emond Avangrid
NECEC Comp Lands Wetland Surveys

“Exceptional technical knowledge of fish passage options.”

Nova Scotia Power
Jonathan Lorette
White Rocks Downstream Fish Passage

“We had an issue come up during construction with a grading plan. I called Kevin Cooley and he immediately had Toby Tardif drop everything and regrade the site so that quantities were reduced. Toby did an outstanding job in a very short period of time. Thanks so much to Kevin and Toby.”

Soil Metrics LLC
Stephen Rabasca
Stewarts Bridge Cell 29