2D HEC-RAS Class in Boise October 28-30

Written by ironcore | October 9, 2019

HEC-RAS Modelers!  Don’t miss this opportunity for 2D HEC-RAS training in beautiful Boise Idaho.  I’ll be teaching this class and hope to see you there!

There are limited seats for this class so don’t delay in signing up.

This will be a three-day course with a mix of lectures and workshop exercises.  You will learn how to set up, run, and troubleshoot 2D and combined 1D-2D HEC-RAS models with an emphasis on river restoration projects.  Five separate workshops will give you practical experience setting up and running the software.

1D/2D Modeling with HEC-RAS
Professional Development Course
Purpose and Background
This intensive, workshop-oriented, three day seminar will prepare the engineer and water resource professional to use the HEC-RAS computer program for modeling two-dimensional (2D) and combined one-dimensional/two-dimensional (1D/2D) unsteady flow applications. Led by Kleinschmidt Associates, participants will learn how to approach and construct a 2D model for unsteady flow conditions, and to effectively view and analyze results. 
The seminar includes lectures on 2D flow theory, RAS Mapper, an introduction to the new capabilities and features of HEC-RAS, post processing and analysis of results, and procedures for creating a stable and calibrated 2D model.  Workshops focus on giving students hands on experience with building and pre-processing the computational mesh, performing offline and inline 2D projects, and using the built-in feature RAS Mapper to spatially analyze results. The seminar can also be customized to fit an organization or groups interest in areas such as dam breach analysis, river restoration, or rain-on-grid.
HEC-RAS incorporates various aspects of 2D hydraulic modeling, including floodplain hydraulics, dam and levee breaches, rain-on-grid applications, and the interaction between 1D and 2D systems.  Version 5.0.7 of HEC-RAS includes features in 2D open channel hydraulic analysis such as:
  • Two-dimensional flow analysis using the full St. Venant or diffusion wave equations in 2D.
  • Ability to perform a combination of 1D and 2D flow analysis in the same model.
  • The use of unstructured or structured computational meshes for the 2D flow areas.
  • Dam and Levee breaching in 1D and 2D areas.
  • Rain-on-grid modeling.
  • Full pre- and post-processing of geometry in 1D and 2D. 
Seminar Benefits/Learning Outcomes
  • Use the HEC-RAS (River Analysis System) computer program to model 2D and combined 1D/2D unsteady flow hydraulics.
  • Use RAS Mapper to pre-process both 1D and 2D geometric elements. 
  • Understand 2D flow theory and the differences between 1D and 2D modeling.
  • Gain hands-on HEC-RAS experience by participating in practical computer workshops.
  • Understand how to develop a stable and calibrated 1D/2D flow model.  
  • Know how to post-process and analyze 1D and 2D results. 
  • Obtain valuable insights in methods for minimizing computation errors and instabilities for 2D unsteady hydraulic models.  
  • Learn from real world projects and applications.
Who Should Attend
Consulting engineers, water resource planners, engineers employed by local, state, or federal government agencies. Participants should have some experience in floodplain hydrology and hydraulics, and some experience in HEC-RAS steady and unsteady flow computer modeling. They should also be able to follow simple computer instructions. 

  • Introduction to HEC-RAS 1D/2D Modeling
  • Building a 1D/2D Model
  • RAS Mapper
  • Computer Workshop on Creating a 2D Model
  • 1D/2D Flow Data
  • Computer Workshop on Channel and Floodplain Modeling
  • 2D Theory
  • Computer Workshop on Dam Breach
  • Performing Computations
  • 2D Output
  • Computer Workshop on Levee Breach Modeling
  • 2D Advanced Topics
  • 2D Modeling Stream Restoration
  • Computer Workshop on River Restoration


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