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Pierre’s Brook Penstock Replacement

Responsiveness, collaboration result in reduced costs

Newfoundland Power (NPI) needed engineering services to extend their own capability for the replacement of the 8,310-foot Pierre’s Brook Wood-Stave Penstock. Beyond the technical capabilities, Newfoundland Power desired a partnership relationship with a consultant that could provide additional capability and capacity for their project.

Kleinschmidt initially managed subcontractors to complete environmental and geotechnical sampling programs. Kleinschmidt then developed a penstock replacement options report that concentrated on filament wound fiber (FRP), centrifugally cast fiberglass reinforced polymer mortar pipe (CCFRPM) and steel that included comparisons of materials, installation, generation, operation, and maintenance. Once NPI selected a 6-foot diameter FRP penstock, Kleinschmidt completed design drawings and technical specifications to replace the wood stave penstock, and included an opinion of probable costs. Kleinschmidt’s final design included the pipe procurement and the civil portions of the new penstock including foundations, retaining walls, and site plan details with the final design package that included a construction soil and erosion control plan.

Because of Kleinschmidt’s responsiveness and collaboration with NPI, NPI optimized the layout to reduce design and construction costs.