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Owner’s Dam Safety Program Audit

Complex audit requiring a newly developed Team Leader role

Our client experienced significant growth over the past 5 years and, due to staffing shortages, had become chal- lenged with meeting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) required dam safety reporting deadlines. The FERC required a robust Owner’s Dam Safety Program (ODSP) Audit which included project tours at 25% of their projects and interviewing operators, managers and executives. The FERC also required an ODSP Audit Team Leader with experience in understanding of organizational management, communication and leadership principles for complex organizations.

Kleinschmidt was able to quickly develop an audit team comprised of a former FERC dam safety engineer, a FERC Part 12 dam safety Independent Consultant, and an audit team leader that were approved by the FERC. The audit team developed protocols to efficiently conduct site visits at projects and interview staff located in seven different states in less than two months. The audit report was written and delivered to the FERC within 30 days of interview completion, and the audit team presented the report along with our client to FERC at their headquarters in Washington, DC.

Our client received an independent perspective of their ODSP along with recommendations for opportunities to enhance their program and improve their relationship with the FERC. The client embraced the recommendations and has developed an implementation plan that has been well received by the FERC. They have engaged additional resources and are planning to address all the ODSP audit recommendations within 9 months.